Dragonshard Prophecies

Day(s) in the life of Sharn

More prophecy revealed, killing minotaurs, and... is someone trying to kill the party (more than normal)?

As the air taxi lowers onto the balcony where Duke Bren ir’Gadden and the Archmagister of Morgrave University were waiting for them, the party hand Alric Greentree over to the Redcloaks. Bren was unaware that Alric had been released from the House Jorasco hospital that had been treating him, and, after a suggestion from Vani, promises to launch an investigation into the matter. He makes arrangements fro Alric to be sent to Dreadhold, and formalizes the transfer of ownership of THE INN.

The party then asked the Archmagister to see if he could help identify the amulet that they found on Alric. He asks for them to give him the night to work. Returning the next morning, the party finds the Archmagister with Flamewind, a gynosphinx with wings of flame. He reveals that the medallion is indeed a focus for an Arcane Lock ritual, essentially requiring it to be placed into a “keyhole”, and will unlock… well, whatever it is that is locked.

Flamewind then spoke: “It is nearing time for the Rod of Creation to be retrieved. You will complete the map, found in the vaults of the warded house. As the way opens to you, be wary; the usurper and rightful king once attempted passage. His taint, cast aside in this generation, will still be found there. Past this lingering death, you will find the Rod, and the next path of your legacy shall be open to you.”

Flamewind reveals that she has been studying the Draconic Prophecy for nearly 800 years, and has gained some insight into the weaving fabric of destiny that it creates. However, these oracular visions are uncontrolled; they have been occurring more frequently, though, ever since the attack on Bren’s life a few days ago. Saying that, she leaves, to the astonishment of the Archmagister, who had never heard a full line of Draconic Prophecy in his entire life.

Heading back to THE INN, the adventurers were waylaid by members of the Order of the Emerald Claw, who donned their helmets and ordered the group to hand over the amulet, claiming that it was “their property.”

Vani, of course, offered them some berries.

After the ensuing fight (which involved the esteemed Arcus Grim thunderwaving a total of 3 times and only hitting one target), the party went through the gear and gold of their attackers, and found an interesting oddity: the gold they carried on them had a higher than normal percentage of Karnnathi markings. As the guards came, they were quickly absolved of any guilt, as witnesses confirmed that they were attacked by the Emerald Claw. They then heard sudden commotion; it seemed that House Kundurak had recently announced a new Tournament of Thieves, to be held within 5 days.

Continuing on with their activities, the group managed to talk their way past the secretary of the House Cannith Enclave, and gained an audience with Merrix d’Cannith, leader of Cannith West. He became increasingly interested as the adventurers revealed that they had a piece of Draconic Prophecy that, it seemed, pointed them towards the location of the Rod of Creation, which they suspect is somewhere in the Vault that will be used to host the Tournament of Thieves. He agreed to sponsor them in the Tournament of Thieves, as well as set about finding information about the groups that would also be participating, and got them an audience with Steel Trueheart, a former House Kundarak Ghorad’din, who gave them what information he could about the hazards of the Tournament of Thieves.

The players hatched a plan, to use the Dreamlilly they stole from Clan Boromar to be able to infiltrate the minds of one of the minds of the other adventuring groups that would be also participating; the idea being that, since multiple planar “instances” of the dungeon would be present all at the same time, they could use the vision of other adventurers to be able to “see” the course ahead of them. Asking Bren for assistance, they learned that the best person to find “illicit” merchandise was a dwarf named Clay Granitebeard. After gaining his bemused trust once he figured out that they had crossed Boromar, he told them that the person who could help them most was a person at the Riedran Embassy named “the Dreamer”.

Making an agreement with the Inspired who answered to the name, the party was there when a band of Daask raiders attacked the Riedran Embassy, threatening to burn the entire thing to the ground. As the party fought against the minotaurs that were ravaging the embassy, they managed to capture the leader alive, and handed him over to the Dreamer, leaving a few minutes later, and noticing that the guards were unusually late to arrive at the scene.

On the way back to their home, they were shocked to see a body suddenly crash into the street in front of them. A man, who bore a striking resemblance to Arcus Grimm, lay dead, undressed. On his chest, the mark of House Thurrani was scrawled with a dagger. News soon comes that a halfling matching Grandma Poobody’s description was also found murdered, hung, with the Mark of Thurrani on her body, as well. It seems someone has a grudge…



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