Dragonshard Prophecies

Life in Sharn pt 2.

You can't be an assassin if you fail to kill someone...

Staring at the body of the wizard that was thrown off one of the towers, the group searched for clues; it seemed that the killing blow had been two daggers into the back of the wizard’s neck; however, the daggers had been sloppy; they had missed the man’s spine entirely; instead of a quick kill that Thuranni prizes, he bled out, most likely in a painful and manner. Their mark was left on the chest of the victim, a calling card; however, it didn’t match the subtlety that Thuranni was usually known for; it seemed like it was almost the work of an amateur. They resigned themselves to being more wary, hoping that they would be able to lie low while the assassin was on the prowl.

Going back to THE INN, the party was met by Karhack, who was quite dejected that nothing had been done for days to repair his precious inn. He recommended that they go out and find a carpenter that could use some work; figuring that they’d be able to feed them and give them free lodging in return for repairs and maintenance to the inn.

Working their way through the city, the group was able to find the once-famous carpenter Deirith. Greeted at the entrance to his shop by the warforged Lathe, they found out that Deirith’s success has been overshadowed by his inability to work on any new pieces: his alcoholism had put him in a very deep stupor; it seemed that Lathe, his apprentice, had been managing the shop ever since Deirith decided to drink himself into oblivion after a lover decided to leave him. The group decided to try putting Deirith into a detox of some sort. Grandma Poobody decided to mix some concoction that would likely make him sick any time he imbibed alchohol, and Karhack and Lathe stood watch. Lathe also began working on the basic repairs the inn needed.

The next morning, after watching Lathe attempt to teach Karhack to make a dish called “Scrambled Eggs,” the party was suddenly surprised by a small gnome who was attempting to flood them with paperwork, insisting that they must have a name for the inn and their adventuring group. After promising to think of something, the group was surprised when the gnome returned, thrown through the window, which was covered in a black shadow, as were all of the windows of the inn.

As the adventurers drew their weapons, the assassin struck, accompanied by two shadow juggernauts and a Thuranni Shadow Caller. After a pitched and difficult battle, the group was able to slay the assassin, and took the illusionist captive. After she woke, she revealed her name to be Sunphia d’Thuranni, and began to work towards assuring her freedom, promising evidence of the man who attempted to hire her services, as well as the man’s name. She explained that the deaths of the first two look-alikes were the work of a newly inducted member of the House, who had attempted to prove that he was up to the task; his mistakes had cost him his life. Visibly shaken by the death of her lover, she asked to remain in the inn until nightfall so she could sneak out without being seen.

She then revealed her employer: Kaidan Boromar, the reputed head of the dreamlilly operation in Sharn, and head of the Windfall Society, another adventuring band that would be attempting to participate in the Tournament of Thieves. He saw an opportunity to save face by attacking the band that had stolen such a large shipment of his Dreamlilly, and was driven by the idea that he might be able to drive out some competition as well.

The Sharn Watch made it to the Inn in record time; however, the party realized that they were most likely on the take, as their response to a broken window was too large to be anything besides a cleanup crew. However, the group turned the tide, drawing attention that they had just slain a Thuranni assassin, and that whomsoever stayed in their inn would be protected. Impressed by their bravado, the inn gained their first few boarders.

The group then decided to approach Saidan Boromar to see what the deal was. Boromar seemed entirely shocked that Kaidan had taken that type of initiative without his permission, and began to show his frustration and anger that he was not consulted. He was in a bind, however, as his blood ties to Kaidan prevented him from exacting vengeance. Plucking a feather from a Kenku aide, Saidan made an offer: if Kaidan is found dead with the feather in his mouth, Saidan would make sure that some gold went their way.

Debating the morality of acting for Saidan, the party finally decided their course and ventured to the Red Monk’s Razor inn. Sending in Lathe to get a few of the bar, they gained information that there were many guard-types that would likely object to their attempted assault on Kaidan. Forming a plan, the group decided to rent the room above where Kaidan had taken a woman of ill repute. Crashing through the fireplace, they caught Kaidan in a compromising position, knocking out the prostitute. After making sure that he would no longer be able to commit any more evil acts, they made their way back to their room washed up, and left the inn, with no one the wiser for what had happened.

The next day, the Korranberg Chrnonicle released a special edition about the death of Kaidan, who was assumed to have been murdered by a prostitute that had last been seen with; however, she had escaped before any of his bodyguards were aware that he had been killed.

As the Tournament of Thieves draws closer, the adventurers make their final preparations…



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