The Dragonshard Prophecies…

Hello, all. I am currently running my Eberron Campaign, the Dragonshard Prophecies. I hope for this game to explore the gamut of the D&D experience; from rescuing villages, to exploring forbidden vaults, forging alliances between nations, dragon hunting, solving mysteries… whatever situations the party puts itself into.

I am running the campaign at Newcastle Comics and Games in Maryland Heights (just outside of the 270 outerbelt in Saint Louis), between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Sundays.

Currently, the players are at Level 4.

If you are interested in joining the game, please message me.

Special Dispensation: Changelings will start with one bonus language at first level. I just think it’s inane to have the “spy race that spends it’s childhood among other societies” unable to speak anything besides common before reaching adventuring age.

Feel free to go to The Eberron Wiki if you are unfamiliar with the campaign setting to get your bearing.

The one thing I will NOT allow: Please do not roll a “chaotic evil” or “lawful evil” character. Unfortunately, most people don’t really play that alignment right, and instead turn into playing “homicidal idiot jackwad that ruins the game for everyone else.” I will allow you to make evil actions (sometimes interrogations require the Paladin to leave the room) but you shouldn’t end up complaining about consequences (slaughter an entire village? House Medani might scry what happened an put a bounty on your head). I don’t intend on punishing you for your behavior, but my game will have realistic consequences for your actions (you might be able to lay low in a different nation, for example). I’m sorry if that ruins anyone’s fun, but that is a slippery slope that usually makes the game less interesting for others. I hope that this paragraph makes sense in terms of what I’m trying to get at.

Dragonshard Prophecies

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