Rod of Creation

The Rod of Creation is an artifact that has been of interest to House Cannith ever since mention of it was made in a piece of Draconic Prophecy some 35 years ago. The prophecy stated that a creator would find a tool, a shadow copy of the Rod of Creation, and that this shadow of the Rod of Creation would lead them to lead them into prosperity that had been unseen until that time.

Following clues from that Prophecy, that Aaren d’Cannith located in Xen’drik the schema that allowed the creation of the first Warforged.

Since then, House Cannith has spent considerable sums of money to find the Rod of Creation that is referenced in the original fragment of Draconic Prophecy. Unfortunately, their efforts were in vain, as they had no place to look.

It is speculated that, since the schema that Aaren found taught a new method of unlocking the nascent magical energy in materials, that the Rod of Creation would be able to unlock that magical energy even more efficiently, possibly working as a sort of “magical super-conductor.”

More cynical members of House Cannith use the phrase “Searching for the Rod while the table legs break” as a phrase to imply that, instead of wasting time looking for an object that might not even physically exist, that the problem can be solved through other means.

Rod of Creation

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