Prophecy Fragments

The following is a collection of the fragments of the Draconic Prophecy that the party has uncovered:

“Let the temple of Aureon fall into the plateau below, and revel: for the storm will come, razing the earth and the sky with his power. A sign unlike any other on his chest, he shall be the Herald of a new Age. He will hold the key, and open the path.” -Prophecy learned from the journal of Alric Greentree, who attempted to destroy the primary support column that holds up Morgrave University. This prophecy has come to pass, overwrote by the next prophecy piece.

“Those who stand at the brink of destruction stand as one against the tempest’s roar.” – Prophecy learned from the Prophecy Mark Baron Starrin d’Cannith asked the group to investigate four years ago. Has come to pass completely

“It is nearing time for the Rod of Creation to be retrieved. You will complete the map, found in the vaults of the warded house. As the way opens to you, be wary; the usurper and rightful king once attempted passage. His taint, cast aside in this generation, will still be found there. Past this lingering death, you will find the Rod, and the next path of your legacy shall be open to you.” – Prophecy gained from Flamewind, resident sphinx of Morgrave University.

*_Current Party Speculation: They also suspect that “lingering death” has something to do with undead. This was true

All party members are unsure as to the identity of the “usurper and rightful king,” and assistance from outside has so far revealed nothing.

Prophecy Fragments

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