Dolgrim are one of the more bizarre aberrations that reside in the depths of Khyber. The best description that can be given is that two goblins are smashed together.

Dolgrim have two mouths, which they will constantly gibber between them. Those who pay attention may notice that one mouth will seemingly speak and the other mouth might answer; the truth of this is unknown, as holding a conversation with itself would imply some level of actual intelligence.

In their four arms, Dolgrim tend to equip a set of ranged weaponry and a set of melee weaponry; their unique anatomy allows them to switch seamlessly from ranged combat (prefering crossbows) to melee combat (fighting with club or spear and a shield) when in close combat.

As most of the Dol- prefix creatures, they were created when the Daelkyr of Xoriat, the Far Realm, became coterminous and manipulated events in Eberron to be able to manifest directly approximately . The great goblin empire of Dhakaan was decimated by the ravaging Daelkyr hordes, until the Gatekeeper Druids managed to push Xoriat into the position it holds currently. Unable to gain reinforcements and their Daelkyr masters held imprisoned by the Gatekeeper seals, the Dolgrim retreated into the heart of Khyber, where their bands remain to this day, though in far fewer number than they were 9,000 years ago.


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