Cost of Services

Animal Messenger – 15 gold to have a member of House Vadalis cast the ritual. Purchase book or scroll from Morgrave University at cost of 45 gold.

Arcane Lock – 60 gold for a member of House Kundurak to cast this ritual. 135 gold to purchase book or scroll from Morgrave University.

Transfer Enchantment – 40 to transfer one enchantment from one item to another. 70 gold to swap two enchantments between two items. Costs 175 gold to learn the ritual. More often than not, people capable of transferring enchantments are members of House Cannith. (Due to Redcloak association and agreement with Morgrave University, party members costs are instead 38 gold 5 silver/66 Gold, 5 silver/157 gold, 5 silver)

Note: Some might notice that the cost of the rituals are higher than the component cost of the rituals themselves. This is because, if you are having someone casting the ritual for you, they charge a fee for their time. This is how the Dragonmarked Houses have become such powerful entities; they have set the prices for certain magical services and made sure that there was no competition.

The cost of the Enchant Magic Item ritual will remain the same; it is assumed that a House Cannith artificer that makes an item has profit tied into the creation of a magical item.

Cost of Services

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