Dragonshard Prophecies

Tournament of Thieves (Part 2)

Out of the frying pan...

Making their way though the arcane portal that they were able to open with Alric’s amulet, the party found themselves in a force field, completely surrounded by zombies. As the force field that cleared their entry faded away, a fierce combat against the undead horde ensued. After clearing the room, the party attempted to investigate the desk surrounded by glowing runes, and after a while was able to make their way past the protective barriers (after vani nearly got fried).

Reading the journal of the dwarf in the corner, Oskeln Fissurehammer d’Kundurak, it revealed that Oskeln had been keeping a journal for over 70 years before the last entry. It seems that Oskeln had come into possession of the Rod of Creation during his travels as an artificer. He said that it was given to him by a member of the Chamber, who had entrusted it to him for protection, and sent one of their agents, Tiroth, to help him. Tiroth managed to use the Rod of Creation to create a pocket plane that was coterminous with Irania, Risia, and Fernia, creating a place where Oskeln would actually be able to work free of time constraints.

It seemed that some thirty-five years ago in the time of this plane, while Oskeln had been finalizing the wards that the Chamber asked him to make, someone had snuck in behind him. He had managed to finish the seal around the Rod, magically hiding it in a forge powered by dragonshards. During the attack, Tiroth had died protecting Oskeln. Oskeln then magically sealed the vault, using an arcane lock ritual to make sure that no one could leave the pocket plane, which was at an intersection of Irian, Fernia, and Risia.

He then warded his desk and attempted to wait out the invasion; unfortunately, while his syberis dragonmark was powerful enough to ward him even after his death, he did not live through the siege.

Picking the lock to the next room, the players then made their way into the next room, and were greeted by a vampire named Jessen. Jessen, his face disfigured, offered a deal to the players: an alliance, in which he would remove some of the guards from the dragon that was attempting to guard the Rod of Creation, in exchange for them helping him escape. Suspecting foul play, especially with Adaran noticing a bodyguard of Jessen’s, they agreed, fully expecting him to betray them.

Making their way to the forge wherein Oskeln had hidden the Rod of Creation, the players were faced with by the white Dragon Content Not Found: Gilarath. As the battle began, Jessen was able to draw away Gilarath’s bodyguards, allowing the players to engage the ferocious dragon.

After a hard fought battle that left many completely exhausted, the players used the dragonshards around the forge, as well as the dragonshard that contained the earlier bit of Prophecy, to unlock the Rod of Creation. As they withdrew the Rod, the pocket dimension closed around them, depositing them in the last room of the Tournament of Thieves.

Finding themselves in a barren room where apparitions would appear seemingly at random, the party eventually was able to make it past the attacking horde and get the stones they needed to win the Tournament of Thieves. Finishing their task, they were warped back to the competition starting area, where a city-wide party began to be thrown from them. Winning the purse and driving business to the The Stumble’Inn, riches and immediate fame gave them a brief respite from Draconic Prophecy and worry.



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