Dragonshard Prophecies

Tournament of Thieves (Part 1)

Getting to know you better...

As the adventurers made their way to the Stumblin’ Inn after dealing with Kaidan Boromar, they find a Githzerai hobbled in the corner, nursing his way either out of a hangover or bank into one. They find that the man is named Adaran, a swordmage that worked in the goblin regiments of House Deneith. Informing them that he had been given a share of the Stumblin’ Inn when one of his comrades, a former friend of Bren ir’Gadden, signed over the share of the inn while on his death bed. Hearing about the exploits of the party’s other adventures, he asked to join them, reinforcing the strength of their numbers.

As it got nearer to the Tournament of Thieves, the group received a gift from House Medani in the form of a Scroll of the Hand of Fate ritual, and Steel Trueheart d’Kundarak was able to procure a map of the original layout of the building used for the Tournament of Thieves.

Three days before the Tournament, the group began seeking out the other adventuring parties that would be participating, first trying to find These Mug Warriors. Wading their way through the Heavy Marbles, they were able to make a good impression on the dwarves, and gathered enough information to be able to give Bren a good idea to prime the prisoners to be able to attach to them when they were put under the influence of the concentrated dreamlilly. Recovering for a day after their work, they then approached Grag’Kor’s Bleeding Ogre Company. After an initial rough introduction, the party was able to win his favor, and quickly figured out how Grag’Kor operated (eat, kill, throw enough goblins at problem until it goes away).

However, the party was not as successful at dealing with the Compact of the Iron Tiger, unable to impress the Arenal elf that led them into any type of meaningful conversation.

The day of the tournament, they decided to wager on themselves, and proceeded to make their way though the following rooms:

1. Steel room with a door, electricity trap on the door. Activation of the trap would have hit everyone for electricity damage 1x/round until deactivated.

2. Flame Corridor: Four statues, four floor trigger plates. However, illusion, there are more plates between the two sets of plates; when triggered, gouts of flame erupt from the statues.

3. Runic Blade Room: Room with runes etched into the walls. Certain runes (in this case, the letter D) trigger running blade traps.

4. Frictionless room: Simple enough. And then, a Gelatinous Cube lays wait. Bwahahahaha

5. Cirith Stairway: Stairs, with a gap. Dagger-like protrusions along the sides of the pits, spikes at the bottom. Trip wire over the pit (DC 25 to notice), tripping wire makes the following happen:

If they trip the wire, an arcane ballista pops out shooting a twin set of bolts. Each bolt is blunt, but has a payload of sovereign glue attached to the end of it, which shatters when it hits a target and attaches the target firmly to the bolts. Attack is as follows: +9 vs AC, 1d 10+10damage from the glass vials and the force of the iron bolts

If the attack hits someone who has made it over the gap, the attack pushes them one square, with a -2 penalty to saving throws to prevent being pushed off the ledge. The PC falls into the pit, taking 1d10+6 damage from the spikes, and on the next round is swung by the rope into the blades on the near side of the wall, and is attacked as their body is ground against the wall, where they have to act quickly to swing their body away; +7 vs Reflex, 1d4+3, miss half damage, and is dragged along the daggers and spikes.

A PC who was NOT over the pit who is hit is instead pulled one square forward, with a -2 penalty to the saving throw and the same damage.

6 Sand Room- Room filled with sand, up to 10 feet deep, and some rocks. Magical heating elements in the ceiling, imitating a a desert. Sand Bulettes (mated pair) work together to attack the party; acrobatics or endurance to get across without being detected.



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