Dragonshard Prophecies

The Mark of Prophecy

Those who stand at the brink of destruction stand as one against the tempest's roar.

In the Year of Galifar 994, three adventurers were hired by Baron Starrin d’Cannith, head of House Cannith and arguably the most influential man in the entire continent of Khorvaire. Exploiting the neutrality of House Cannith, he summoned Arcus Grimm, Vani the Halfling, and the wizened human known only as Grandma Poobody, offering them a chance at riches. Starrin had learned of a possible Prophecy Mark manifestation, and wanted the group to investigate it for him.

Heading out early that morning, the group made their way to the broken tower that was supposedly the location of the Prophecy manifestation, they were taken aback by the noise of a a dolgrim that could only be described as “singing” (DM Note: It seemed that every monster/bad guy in this adventure decided that they didn’t have eyeballs when I rolled for perception.) , possibly on guard duty of some sort.

Sending Vani to scout ahead, she was able to find that another dolgrim and kruthik were in the tower, as well as two prisoners. Finally joining combat, the adventurers managed to slay the two Dolgrim as well as the Kruthik.

The solider that was formerly a prisoner introduced himself as Bren ir’Gadden, and offered the adventurers a ransom should they have the ability to bring him back to the Brelish camp to the west of the tower, past the Cyran border. Taking him up on his offer, the group then set about freeing Bren’s assistant Alric Greentree, who had been tied to the Prophecy Mark. Arcus then began attuning the dragonshard given to him by Starrin to the Prophecy Mark, revealing the words “Those who stand at the brink of destruction stand as one against the tempest’s roar.” Finishing their original task, and with Alric being in bad condition, they began to head out when they realized that another group was making their way though the tower.

Buying time while his friends made their way behind the tower, Vani confronted Mallora, an agent of the Emerald Claw, as well as her two companions. It seemed that they, as well, were seeking the prophecy themselves. As the Emerald Claw sergeants made it clear they were more interested in fighting than talking, the rest of the group fought, attempting to keep Bren and Alric safe.

During the battle with the Emerald Claw agents, however, the sky to the east began to light itself on fire, as a deep, dead-gray mist came rushing over the hills. Running for their lives, the party was able to avoid the deaths that millions had endured during that day, running from living spells and watching as soldiers committed suicide around them. Finally breaking out of the mist, which seemed to stop directly at the border of Cyre, they could finally breathe easily.

Four years later, much had changed. Despite having made their separate ways, near the fourth anniversary of the fated day that destroyed the nation of Cyre, Arcus, Vani, and Grandma Poobody all received invitations to a ceremony celebrating the naming of Duke Bren ir’Gadden as Captain of the Sharn Redcloaks. Upon arriving in Sharn, Arcus was sent a missive from Kurt d’Cannith, who had been researching the Prophecy Mark for some time, and believed that whatever the Prophecy actually was, it was going to pass sometime soon. Making their way to Sharn to participate in the festivities, they instead found themselves fighting a Mourning Haunt, a demon that had been trapped within the Mournland. Having defeated the demon while protecting a majority of the townsfolk that were gathered there,, the group turns expectantly towards Bren, wanting answers as to what has gone on. As Bren begins his explanation, Arcus began scrying, finding that whatever summoned the demon had been located in the Dura district….


Vani’s PoV:

Four years ago, I got a letter summoning me to some big shot in House Cannith. Figuring that I’d entertain him, whoever he was, I made the trip, if nothing more than to leave the dark forest-lands of the Karnath and their stinkin’ zobbies—they really weird me out at times! He told us about this Dragon Prophecy thing that was about to manifest (I guess that means appear, though I don’t understand why some use other words when that word works just fine!) in some broken down tower nearby. Because he was leading some army or something, he couldn’t spare men to do it, or maybe he wanted plausible deniability from his House, or maybe he just had a good thing going with his spacious magical tent that whisked away all the dirt from our travels when we walked in? Who knows, but we did it. We were young then, magic missile me! (Well, most of us were young, this old chick was there too…. Grammie Poobah, I’ll talk about her another time!)

Anyhow, me, Grammie and this other human who kept making the little hairs on my arms stand up, went off to the tower with an empty crystal thing that the House Cannith bigshot called a dragonshard. It was merc work, figured that the less I knew the better and just politely nodded and accepted it all in stride. Did I mention that there was 100 crowns riding on this, all for a quick 4 hour mission? The two tall-ones were going to do some mystic stuff with the prophecy mumbo-jumbo. I suppose I was there to make sure they didn’t get stuck with arrows or if they needed someone else bleeding. It all worked out in the end.

As I recall, we made it to the tower easy, passing far ahead of the armies that were moving through these parts. That’s something at least that I know about, so I reasoned that we’d stick ahead of the armies, be done with our work and back before we got caught in a front battle somewhere.

The tower was small and in ruins. On the approach, I heard some people singing. It was in Goblin, so I knew it was a stupid song. It was coming from this warped goblin, if I recall, the human named Arcus Grimm said that it was called a Dolgrim. It was really weird, 4 arms, 2 mouths, zero brains. I did some scouting and found that there were two of these dolgrims in the tower with 2 prisoners and some burrowing insects the size of big dogs! We made quick work of them, my dagger slicing into chitin, leather or hide with equal grace and precision. Actually, I don’t really recall what those other two did other than tend to the Grimm guy’s wounds all the time, but in my mind, the heroine was me all the way!

The prisoners were some half-pointy ears, a Captain Brenn ir’Gadin and his military aide. I guess they were trying to get the prophecy too, or something, but they were caught. We negotiate their release and return to safety for 500 crowns! But soon after some human chick and two green-hand shield-wearing bozos came along down the road. I tried sweet-talking the gal, telling her that I didn’t know what she was talking about (true, can’t understand that Karnathi accent for the life of me!), didn’t have the prophecy stone (that Arcus guy did!), but I guess her lackies got fed up with the truth and decided to try bashing my head in with their maces instead.

I drew them into the tower and hid. Lightning from Arcus blasted a soldier into the dog-insect hole and the other went prone. The chick, whose name ended up being Melora and she was in some sort of lover’s spat with Capt. Brenn (humans… why don’t they just accept the halfling fidelity rules: there are none!) summoned up some stinking zobbies but they didn’t last too long against our might. Grammie turns out to be really good at healing Arcus and whacking things with her hammer-cane. I think I like her but she talks real gravelly-like and keeps talking about Moradin and muffins which just confuses me.

Just then a huge explosion occurs in the distance, we run to escape it. We barely make it out as fog washes over us and voices of death and despair are caught on the wind as we run clear. Yup, I was there, at the Day of Mourning and I survived. And I didn’t even get a shirt or anything!

We couldn’t find the boss-man of House Cannith. He ended up MIA, presumed KIA in the blast. House Cannith kept the bargain and paid or merc fees and we kept the crystal shard thingy. Arcus and Grammie talked about it some and decided on sending it off to some sage to see if it was of any worth.

Four years later…

(I was invited back to Sharn by Capt. Brenn. He set me up in a nice room on his House estates. He was awfully nice to me. I suppose it had something to do with my constant subtle reminders of how I saved his life and that he was indebted to me, but it could have also been my sweet charm. Anyhow, I love the cosmo life of the city and spent some time learning the place.)

Capt. Brenn got a promotion in Sharn to the bigshot of the Redcloaks, the city’s official police force. In celebration of that, he wanted to give honor to those in his past that made this possible. Of course, that meant me. Oh yeah, and those other two, whom he he sent out letters of invitation and transport to.

The ceremony was decent, but the buffet food was really good! Too bad some big mist monster appeared in the fountain in the middle of the leeching crowd, erm, respectful spectators and started attacking everything in sight. We punished it for it’s folly, repeatedly stabbing, pushing and attacking the creature as it attacked with lightning speed at me mostly. I know, you’re worried about me. It’s ok, Grammie was there and she remembered how good I can hold my own and healed me up good while I kept stabbing at it. It fell dead in the celebration square, dispersing into a little shard crystal thing.

Capt. Brenn ir’Gadin, Director of the Sharn Police Force, Leader of the Redcloaks, valiantly hid behind his two House Danieth bodyguard chicks through the whole fight. He was probably locked in awe at my display of weapon prowess and mastery of dueling with the big mist monster to come to our aid. (At least, that how I’ll let him get away with it and milk him for a permanent home on his estates and a stipend for the necessities of life—good Morr Hold ale, Lhazaarian wine, those tasty little sugar pastries that those Brealish are so fond of… the usual!)

So I held up two fingers to him and said, “That’s two, Capt. Now you better tell us what’s going on here since it’s quickly becoming our job at saving your life.” He stammered, then regained his composure and said…

The Mark of Prophecy

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