Dragonshard Prophecies

Cannith's Secret

What evil lies in the heart of Cannith? The Shadow knows...

After spending a few days recuperating from their exploits in the Cogs dealing with the Queen with Burning Eyes and the Son of Khyber, the group was surprised to find a Valenar enter their inn and ask for a drink, followed shortly by Kor.

Going into their Room of Warding, Kor presented troubling information about Merrix d’Cannith; he has been sending supplies and personnel to an expedition in Xen’drik, but has been taking care to make sure that few if any people are in the know. Some of these items were considered illegal contraband, but Kor was more interested in knowing what Merrix was up to in Xen’Drik. He had made arrangements for one of the ship carrying contraband to be destroyed; he was hoping to draw out Merrix by having the Odd Company be sent to investigate the terrorist act. He wished for Amani, the Valenar that had arrived in the Inn, to accompany them, as Flamewind had made mention that she would be needed.

Kor’s plan worked: Merrix was absolutely furious, and could not call in House Medani investigators due to the sensitive nature of the expedition. It seems that there was some type of research being done by House Cannith on Schemas that they were finding in Xen’Drick, however contact with base camp was lost a few days ago. Postulating that it was a high=level magical effect causing a planar disruption, Arcus surmised that they might have to enter a pocked dimension. Merrix made arrangements for a ship for the party to use to travel to Xen’Drik, investigate who might have sabotaged the ship, and find out what happened to his expedition.

Spending nearly two weeks at sea without incident, on the tenth day of travel the party was woken up by a massive storm. Struggling against the ship to keep the crew and supplies intact. Managing to save arcus as he was nearly thrown off the boat multiple times, the party was able to save their supplies and make it to a lifeboat to ride out the storm.

Making landfall a few days later, they came across a village that was littered with burning bodies and empty huts. Finding a sole surviving thr-kreen being savagely beaten by the raiders that had done this, Arcus sprung into action to protect the poor child. Driving them away and killing most of them, the party was surprised to find that their coming had been foretold; the child led them to a huge mural showing the history of the Thri-Kreen tribe, including the slaughter of the village and the arrival of the group, with a draconic rune inscribed into the wall.

As the party travels further, they see an amazing sight.



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