Dragonshard Prophecies

Cannith's Secret
What evil lies in the heart of Cannith? The Shadow knows...

After spending a few days recuperating from their exploits in the Cogs dealing with the Queen with Burning Eyes and the Son of Khyber, the group was surprised to find a Valenar enter their inn and ask for a drink, followed shortly by Kor.

Going into their Room of Warding, Kor presented troubling information about Merrix d’Cannith; he has been sending supplies and personnel to an expedition in Xen’drik, but has been taking care to make sure that few if any people are in the know. Some of these items were considered illegal contraband, but Kor was more interested in knowing what Merrix was up to in Xen’Drik. He had made arrangements for one of the ship carrying contraband to be destroyed; he was hoping to draw out Merrix by having the Odd Company be sent to investigate the terrorist act. He wished for Amani, the Valenar that had arrived in the Inn, to accompany them, as Flamewind had made mention that she would be needed.

Kor’s plan worked: Merrix was absolutely furious, and could not call in House Medani investigators due to the sensitive nature of the expedition. It seems that there was some type of research being done by House Cannith on Schemas that they were finding in Xen’Drick, however contact with base camp was lost a few days ago. Postulating that it was a high=level magical effect causing a planar disruption, Arcus surmised that they might have to enter a pocked dimension. Merrix made arrangements for a ship for the party to use to travel to Xen’Drik, investigate who might have sabotaged the ship, and find out what happened to his expedition.

Spending nearly two weeks at sea without incident, on the tenth day of travel the party was woken up by a massive storm. Struggling against the ship to keep the crew and supplies intact. Managing to save arcus as he was nearly thrown off the boat multiple times, the party was able to save their supplies and make it to a lifeboat to ride out the storm.

Making landfall a few days later, they came across a village that was littered with burning bodies and empty huts. Finding a sole surviving thr-kreen being savagely beaten by the raiders that had done this, Arcus sprung into action to protect the poor child. Driving them away and killing most of them, the party was surprised to find that their coming had been foretold; the child led them to a huge mural showing the history of the Thri-Kreen tribe, including the slaughter of the village and the arrival of the group, with a draconic rune inscribed into the wall.

As the party travels further, they see an amazing sight.

The Queen with Burning Eyes

(Work in progress)

Tournament of Thieves (Part 2)
Out of the frying pan...

Making their way though the arcane portal that they were able to open with Alric’s amulet, the party found themselves in a force field, completely surrounded by zombies. As the force field that cleared their entry faded away, a fierce combat against the undead horde ensued. After clearing the room, the party attempted to investigate the desk surrounded by glowing runes, and after a while was able to make their way past the protective barriers (after vani nearly got fried).

Reading the journal of the dwarf in the corner, Oskeln Fissurehammer d’Kundurak, it revealed that Oskeln had been keeping a journal for over 70 years before the last entry. It seems that Oskeln had come into possession of the Rod of Creation during his travels as an artificer. He said that it was given to him by a member of the Chamber, who had entrusted it to him for protection, and sent one of their agents, Tiroth, to help him. Tiroth managed to use the Rod of Creation to create a pocket plane that was coterminous with Irania, Risia, and Fernia, creating a place where Oskeln would actually be able to work free of time constraints.

It seemed that some thirty-five years ago in the time of this plane, while Oskeln had been finalizing the wards that the Chamber asked him to make, someone had snuck in behind him. He had managed to finish the seal around the Rod, magically hiding it in a forge powered by dragonshards. During the attack, Tiroth had died protecting Oskeln. Oskeln then magically sealed the vault, using an arcane lock ritual to make sure that no one could leave the pocket plane, which was at an intersection of Irian, Fernia, and Risia.

He then warded his desk and attempted to wait out the invasion; unfortunately, while his syberis dragonmark was powerful enough to ward him even after his death, he did not live through the siege.

Picking the lock to the next room, the players then made their way into the next room, and were greeted by a vampire named Jessen. Jessen, his face disfigured, offered a deal to the players: an alliance, in which he would remove some of the guards from the dragon that was attempting to guard the Rod of Creation, in exchange for them helping him escape. Suspecting foul play, especially with Adaran noticing a bodyguard of Jessen’s, they agreed, fully expecting him to betray them.

Making their way to the forge wherein Oskeln had hidden the Rod of Creation, the players were faced with by the white Dragon Content Not Found: Gilarath. As the battle began, Jessen was able to draw away Gilarath’s bodyguards, allowing the players to engage the ferocious dragon.

After a hard fought battle that left many completely exhausted, the players used the dragonshards around the forge, as well as the dragonshard that contained the earlier bit of Prophecy, to unlock the Rod of Creation. As they withdrew the Rod, the pocket dimension closed around them, depositing them in the last room of the Tournament of Thieves.

Finding themselves in a barren room where apparitions would appear seemingly at random, the party eventually was able to make it past the attacking horde and get the stones they needed to win the Tournament of Thieves. Finishing their task, they were warped back to the competition starting area, where a city-wide party began to be thrown from them. Winning the purse and driving business to the The Stumble’Inn, riches and immediate fame gave them a brief respite from Draconic Prophecy and worry.

Tournament of Thieves (Part 1)
Getting to know you better...

As the adventurers made their way to the Stumblin’ Inn after dealing with Kaidan Boromar, they find a Githzerai hobbled in the corner, nursing his way either out of a hangover or bank into one. They find that the man is named Adaran, a swordmage that worked in the goblin regiments of House Deneith. Informing them that he had been given a share of the Stumblin’ Inn when one of his comrades, a former friend of Bren ir’Gadden, signed over the share of the inn while on his death bed. Hearing about the exploits of the party’s other adventures, he asked to join them, reinforcing the strength of their numbers.

As it got nearer to the Tournament of Thieves, the group received a gift from House Medani in the form of a Scroll of the Hand of Fate ritual, and Steel Trueheart d’Kundarak was able to procure a map of the original layout of the building used for the Tournament of Thieves.

Three days before the Tournament, the group began seeking out the other adventuring parties that would be participating, first trying to find These Mug Warriors. Wading their way through the Heavy Marbles, they were able to make a good impression on the dwarves, and gathered enough information to be able to give Bren a good idea to prime the prisoners to be able to attach to them when they were put under the influence of the concentrated dreamlilly. Recovering for a day after their work, they then approached Grag’Kor’s Bleeding Ogre Company. After an initial rough introduction, the party was able to win his favor, and quickly figured out how Grag’Kor operated (eat, kill, throw enough goblins at problem until it goes away).

However, the party was not as successful at dealing with the Compact of the Iron Tiger, unable to impress the Arenal elf that led them into any type of meaningful conversation.

The day of the tournament, they decided to wager on themselves, and proceeded to make their way though the following rooms:

1. Steel room with a door, electricity trap on the door. Activation of the trap would have hit everyone for electricity damage 1x/round until deactivated.

2. Flame Corridor: Four statues, four floor trigger plates. However, illusion, there are more plates between the two sets of plates; when triggered, gouts of flame erupt from the statues.

3. Runic Blade Room: Room with runes etched into the walls. Certain runes (in this case, the letter D) trigger running blade traps.

4. Frictionless room: Simple enough. And then, a Gelatinous Cube lays wait. Bwahahahaha

5. Cirith Stairway: Stairs, with a gap. Dagger-like protrusions along the sides of the pits, spikes at the bottom. Trip wire over the pit (DC 25 to notice), tripping wire makes the following happen:

If they trip the wire, an arcane ballista pops out shooting a twin set of bolts. Each bolt is blunt, but has a payload of sovereign glue attached to the end of it, which shatters when it hits a target and attaches the target firmly to the bolts. Attack is as follows: +9 vs AC, 1d 10+10damage from the glass vials and the force of the iron bolts

If the attack hits someone who has made it over the gap, the attack pushes them one square, with a -2 penalty to saving throws to prevent being pushed off the ledge. The PC falls into the pit, taking 1d10+6 damage from the spikes, and on the next round is swung by the rope into the blades on the near side of the wall, and is attacked as their body is ground against the wall, where they have to act quickly to swing their body away; +7 vs Reflex, 1d4+3, miss half damage, and is dragged along the daggers and spikes.

A PC who was NOT over the pit who is hit is instead pulled one square forward, with a -2 penalty to the saving throw and the same damage.

6 Sand Room- Room filled with sand, up to 10 feet deep, and some rocks. Magical heating elements in the ceiling, imitating a a desert. Sand Bulettes (mated pair) work together to attack the party; acrobatics or endurance to get across without being detected.

Life in Sharn pt 2.
You can't be an assassin if you fail to kill someone...

Staring at the body of the wizard that was thrown off one of the towers, the group searched for clues; it seemed that the killing blow had been two daggers into the back of the wizard’s neck; however, the daggers had been sloppy; they had missed the man’s spine entirely; instead of a quick kill that Thuranni prizes, he bled out, most likely in a painful and manner. Their mark was left on the chest of the victim, a calling card; however, it didn’t match the subtlety that Thuranni was usually known for; it seemed like it was almost the work of an amateur. They resigned themselves to being more wary, hoping that they would be able to lie low while the assassin was on the prowl.

Going back to THE INN, the party was met by Karhack, who was quite dejected that nothing had been done for days to repair his precious inn. He recommended that they go out and find a carpenter that could use some work; figuring that they’d be able to feed them and give them free lodging in return for repairs and maintenance to the inn.

Working their way through the city, the group was able to find the once-famous carpenter Deirith. Greeted at the entrance to his shop by the warforged Lathe, they found out that Deirith’s success has been overshadowed by his inability to work on any new pieces: his alcoholism had put him in a very deep stupor; it seemed that Lathe, his apprentice, had been managing the shop ever since Deirith decided to drink himself into oblivion after a lover decided to leave him. The group decided to try putting Deirith into a detox of some sort. Grandma Poobody decided to mix some concoction that would likely make him sick any time he imbibed alchohol, and Karhack and Lathe stood watch. Lathe also began working on the basic repairs the inn needed.

The next morning, after watching Lathe attempt to teach Karhack to make a dish called “Scrambled Eggs,” the party was suddenly surprised by a small gnome who was attempting to flood them with paperwork, insisting that they must have a name for the inn and their adventuring group. After promising to think of something, the group was surprised when the gnome returned, thrown through the window, which was covered in a black shadow, as were all of the windows of the inn.

As the adventurers drew their weapons, the assassin struck, accompanied by two shadow juggernauts and a Thuranni Shadow Caller. After a pitched and difficult battle, the group was able to slay the assassin, and took the illusionist captive. After she woke, she revealed her name to be Sunphia d’Thuranni, and began to work towards assuring her freedom, promising evidence of the man who attempted to hire her services, as well as the man’s name. She explained that the deaths of the first two look-alikes were the work of a newly inducted member of the House, who had attempted to prove that he was up to the task; his mistakes had cost him his life. Visibly shaken by the death of her lover, she asked to remain in the inn until nightfall so she could sneak out without being seen.

She then revealed her employer: Kaidan Boromar, the reputed head of the dreamlilly operation in Sharn, and head of the Windfall Society, another adventuring band that would be attempting to participate in the Tournament of Thieves. He saw an opportunity to save face by attacking the band that had stolen such a large shipment of his Dreamlilly, and was driven by the idea that he might be able to drive out some competition as well.

The Sharn Watch made it to the Inn in record time; however, the party realized that they were most likely on the take, as their response to a broken window was too large to be anything besides a cleanup crew. However, the group turned the tide, drawing attention that they had just slain a Thuranni assassin, and that whomsoever stayed in their inn would be protected. Impressed by their bravado, the inn gained their first few boarders.

The group then decided to approach Saidan Boromar to see what the deal was. Boromar seemed entirely shocked that Kaidan had taken that type of initiative without his permission, and began to show his frustration and anger that he was not consulted. He was in a bind, however, as his blood ties to Kaidan prevented him from exacting vengeance. Plucking a feather from a Kenku aide, Saidan made an offer: if Kaidan is found dead with the feather in his mouth, Saidan would make sure that some gold went their way.

Debating the morality of acting for Saidan, the party finally decided their course and ventured to the Red Monk’s Razor inn. Sending in Lathe to get a few of the bar, they gained information that there were many guard-types that would likely object to their attempted assault on Kaidan. Forming a plan, the group decided to rent the room above where Kaidan had taken a woman of ill repute. Crashing through the fireplace, they caught Kaidan in a compromising position, knocking out the prostitute. After making sure that he would no longer be able to commit any more evil acts, they made their way back to their room washed up, and left the inn, with no one the wiser for what had happened.

The next day, the Korranberg Chrnonicle released a special edition about the death of Kaidan, who was assumed to have been murdered by a prostitute that had last been seen with; however, she had escaped before any of his bodyguards were aware that he had been killed.

As the Tournament of Thieves draws closer, the adventurers make their final preparations…

Day(s) in the life of Sharn
More prophecy revealed, killing minotaurs, and... is someone trying to kill the party (more than normal)?

As the air taxi lowers onto the balcony where Duke Bren ir’Gadden and the Archmagister of Morgrave University were waiting for them, the party hand Alric Greentree over to the Redcloaks. Bren was unaware that Alric had been released from the House Jorasco hospital that had been treating him, and, after a suggestion from Vani, promises to launch an investigation into the matter. He makes arrangements fro Alric to be sent to Dreadhold, and formalizes the transfer of ownership of THE INN.

The party then asked the Archmagister to see if he could help identify the amulet that they found on Alric. He asks for them to give him the night to work. Returning the next morning, the party finds the Archmagister with Flamewind, a gynosphinx with wings of flame. He reveals that the medallion is indeed a focus for an Arcane Lock ritual, essentially requiring it to be placed into a “keyhole”, and will unlock… well, whatever it is that is locked.

Flamewind then spoke: “It is nearing time for the Rod of Creation to be retrieved. You will complete the map, found in the vaults of the warded house. As the way opens to you, be wary; the usurper and rightful king once attempted passage. His taint, cast aside in this generation, will still be found there. Past this lingering death, you will find the Rod, and the next path of your legacy shall be open to you.”

Flamewind reveals that she has been studying the Draconic Prophecy for nearly 800 years, and has gained some insight into the weaving fabric of destiny that it creates. However, these oracular visions are uncontrolled; they have been occurring more frequently, though, ever since the attack on Bren’s life a few days ago. Saying that, she leaves, to the astonishment of the Archmagister, who had never heard a full line of Draconic Prophecy in his entire life.

Heading back to THE INN, the adventurers were waylaid by members of the Order of the Emerald Claw, who donned their helmets and ordered the group to hand over the amulet, claiming that it was “their property.”

Vani, of course, offered them some berries.

After the ensuing fight (which involved the esteemed Arcus Grim thunderwaving a total of 3 times and only hitting one target), the party went through the gear and gold of their attackers, and found an interesting oddity: the gold they carried on them had a higher than normal percentage of Karnnathi markings. As the guards came, they were quickly absolved of any guilt, as witnesses confirmed that they were attacked by the Emerald Claw. They then heard sudden commotion; it seemed that House Kundurak had recently announced a new Tournament of Thieves, to be held within 5 days.

Continuing on with their activities, the group managed to talk their way past the secretary of the House Cannith Enclave, and gained an audience with Merrix d’Cannith, leader of Cannith West. He became increasingly interested as the adventurers revealed that they had a piece of Draconic Prophecy that, it seemed, pointed them towards the location of the Rod of Creation, which they suspect is somewhere in the Vault that will be used to host the Tournament of Thieves. He agreed to sponsor them in the Tournament of Thieves, as well as set about finding information about the groups that would also be participating, and got them an audience with Steel Trueheart, a former House Kundarak Ghorad’din, who gave them what information he could about the hazards of the Tournament of Thieves.

The players hatched a plan, to use the Dreamlilly they stole from Clan Boromar to be able to infiltrate the minds of one of the minds of the other adventuring groups that would be also participating; the idea being that, since multiple planar “instances” of the dungeon would be present all at the same time, they could use the vision of other adventurers to be able to “see” the course ahead of them. Asking Bren for assistance, they learned that the best person to find “illicit” merchandise was a dwarf named Clay Granitebeard. After gaining his bemused trust once he figured out that they had crossed Boromar, he told them that the person who could help them most was a person at the Riedran Embassy named “the Dreamer”.

Making an agreement with the Inspired who answered to the name, the party was there when a band of Daask raiders attacked the Riedran Embassy, threatening to burn the entire thing to the ground. As the party fought against the minotaurs that were ravaging the embassy, they managed to capture the leader alive, and handed him over to the Dreamer, leaving a few minutes later, and noticing that the guards were unusually late to arrive at the scene.

On the way back to their home, they were shocked to see a body suddenly crash into the street in front of them. A man, who bore a striking resemblance to Arcus Grimm, lay dead, undressed. On his chest, the mark of House Thurrani was scrawled with a dagger. News soon comes that a halfling matching Grandma Poobody’s description was also found murdered, hung, with the Mark of Thurrani on her body, as well. It seems someone has a grudge…

Mark of Prophecy (Part 2)
The politics of Sharn reveal themselves, and the plot is revealed.

Thanking them for rescuing him a second time, Duke Bren ir’Gadden revealed who he thought was responsible for the attack against him: Clan Boromar had recently made an offer to increase the stipend that the Captain of the Sharn Redcloaks would receive, so long as certain shipping activities would be “overlooked.” A man of honor, Bren refused the offer, and believes that this was retaliation against him for his refusal. On top of that, there were rumors that there were some magical components smuggled in by Clan Boromar; if they were reagents, they could have possibly been the suppliers for the attack. He then made an offer: find out who plotted against him, and he would give to them one of his personal land holdings: an inn in Upper Dura. His belief was that the party, as a neutral third party, would be able to be more reliable than watch guards who may be on the take.

Before deciding to investigate, the party decides to inspect their possible reward, and found that the inn was in some state of disrepair. From the barkeep, Karhak Elfkicker, they learned that a group of Boromar thugs had trashed the place the same night that Bren refused the bribe. They then met another adventurer, Morgran, a scion of House Vadalis, and his snake, Mr. Slithers. As he seemed interested in adventure, as well as the possibility of free beer/ale/stout/etc, they added him to their ranks, and followed a lead from Karhak; Clan Boromar was centered in the Little Plains district of Sharn. Karhak believed that if they started there, they might be able to track down who in Boromar was responsible.

In the Little Plains district, Grandma Poobody led the group the the House Jorasco enclave in the city, learning from the receptionist (after clonking him on the head) that Saidan Boromar, the patriarch of the clan, was wed into House Jorasco, giving his thugs access to medical services. In addition, he gave directions to an area where Clan Boromar agents frequented. Arriving there, Morgran’s impeccable sense of smell was able to make out the scent of Dreamlilly, an illegal and addictive substance, covered by the scent of a fishmonger’s stand. Morgran immediately approached the dealer, and with the help of Arcus, Grandma, and Mr. Slithers, was able to distract the fishmonger long enough for Vani to steal a box, which happened to contain a box of dreamlilly. Regrouping, Vani then approached the fishmonger, using the Dreamlilly as a bargaining chip to be able to speak with the man in charge. The fishmonger then led them to The Lanky Shark, the current restaurant that was holding Saidan Boromar’s attention.

As patriarch of the Boromars, Saidan became immediately angered at the idea that he had anything to do with the assassination attempt of Bren. He admitted that he would not attend Bren’s funeral, but with the problems with Draask, Saidan made it clear that it was currently in his best interest to have a captain of the Redcloaks that is above reproach; he knows that, though he might go after Boromar shipping operations, he’s more than likely going to investigate the activities of Daask, especially since their violent operations are much more visible to the public. He made it clear that he was very upset with the idea that someone used a shipping irregularity to implicate his organization.

He gave the party information that there may have been a shipment that would have caused issues with the wards and alarms that protect Sharn from the illegal import of magical items, and asked that, should the group be able to secure the payment for the items, he would be willing to give them a 60% cut of that payment. He then gave them a clue that they should snoop around the Precarious Docks to find out who may have handled the shipment when it was taken off the ship. The fishmonger, not in the room, didn’t realize until hours after the adventurers left that they had not traded the dreamlilly back to the patriarch.

Asking around, the party found that the only person who was foolhardy enough to be involved in anything that would piss off the Boromars was Sigor Thul, a Karnn that worked as a taskmaster on the docks. When they finally found Sigor, he was being attacked by a band of thugs. Throwing a majority of them over the sides of the airdocks, they learned where Sigor delivered the magical components, and also describes that the person who took the shipment, which was arranged by members of the Emerald Claw, had some sort of aberrant dragonmark, and was able to cast some sort of lightning bolts at the Emerald Claw agents when they attempted to take the medallion that seemed to be part of the arrangement for the shipment.

Tracking down the shipment, Arcus realized, to his horror, that the magical energies coming from the building implied that there was some sort of “thunder bomb”. From the way it was situated and the fact that one of the support column was going straight through the middle of the building, he deduced that the “thunder bomb” was an attempt to destroy the support column, causing Morgrave University above to crash down into the lower portions of the Menthis Plateau, causing extensive damage and death.

Barging into the house, the adventurers were able to slay the operators and disable the bomb (not before Morgran was knocked unconscious from his attempt of dwarven engineering, aka “I hit it with my axe”). Disabling the machine and retrieving the magical components therein, they signaled Bren that they had just saved a large portion of the city. They also found evidence of who was responsible: Alric Greentree, Bren’s former advisor, had arranged their capture four years ago.

He had hoped that his prolonged exposure to the Prophecy Mark would allow him to manifest a Mark of Detection, but his quest failed, instead forcing him to manifest an aberrant dragonmark. His mind filled with fragments of Prophecy, his ranting letters and notes became focused on one line:

Let the temple of Aureon fall into the plateau below, and revel: for the storm will come, razing the earth and the sky with his power. A sign unlike any other on his chest, he shall be the Herald of a new Age. He will hold the key, and open the path.

In his insanity, Alric decided to interpret this passage of the Draconic Prophecy as a calling to destroy Morgrave University.

Taking an air taxi to get back to Bren, the party was suddenly attacked by a group of goblins and Alric Greentree, who was in a complete mad rage that his plan to fill his prophecy. After a hard-fought battle (DM Note: this was a level +5 encounter for four PCs without a defender, pretty darn impressive.) on the air taxi, the group managed to knock Alric out, and are on their way to hand Alric over to the authorities.

The Mark of Prophecy
Those who stand at the brink of destruction stand as one against the tempest's roar.

In the Year of Galifar 994, three adventurers were hired by Baron Starrin d’Cannith, head of House Cannith and arguably the most influential man in the entire continent of Khorvaire. Exploiting the neutrality of House Cannith, he summoned Arcus Grimm, Vani the Halfling, and the wizened human known only as Grandma Poobody, offering them a chance at riches. Starrin had learned of a possible Prophecy Mark manifestation, and wanted the group to investigate it for him.

Heading out early that morning, the group made their way to the broken tower that was supposedly the location of the Prophecy manifestation, they were taken aback by the noise of a a dolgrim that could only be described as “singing” (DM Note: It seemed that every monster/bad guy in this adventure decided that they didn’t have eyeballs when I rolled for perception.) , possibly on guard duty of some sort.

Sending Vani to scout ahead, she was able to find that another dolgrim and kruthik were in the tower, as well as two prisoners. Finally joining combat, the adventurers managed to slay the two Dolgrim as well as the Kruthik.

The solider that was formerly a prisoner introduced himself as Bren ir’Gadden, and offered the adventurers a ransom should they have the ability to bring him back to the Brelish camp to the west of the tower, past the Cyran border. Taking him up on his offer, the group then set about freeing Bren’s assistant Alric Greentree, who had been tied to the Prophecy Mark. Arcus then began attuning the dragonshard given to him by Starrin to the Prophecy Mark, revealing the words “Those who stand at the brink of destruction stand as one against the tempest’s roar.” Finishing their original task, and with Alric being in bad condition, they began to head out when they realized that another group was making their way though the tower.

Buying time while his friends made their way behind the tower, Vani confronted Mallora, an agent of the Emerald Claw, as well as her two companions. It seemed that they, as well, were seeking the prophecy themselves. As the Emerald Claw sergeants made it clear they were more interested in fighting than talking, the rest of the group fought, attempting to keep Bren and Alric safe.

During the battle with the Emerald Claw agents, however, the sky to the east began to light itself on fire, as a deep, dead-gray mist came rushing over the hills. Running for their lives, the party was able to avoid the deaths that millions had endured during that day, running from living spells and watching as soldiers committed suicide around them. Finally breaking out of the mist, which seemed to stop directly at the border of Cyre, they could finally breathe easily.

Four years later, much had changed. Despite having made their separate ways, near the fourth anniversary of the fated day that destroyed the nation of Cyre, Arcus, Vani, and Grandma Poobody all received invitations to a ceremony celebrating the naming of Duke Bren ir’Gadden as Captain of the Sharn Redcloaks. Upon arriving in Sharn, Arcus was sent a missive from Kurt d’Cannith, who had been researching the Prophecy Mark for some time, and believed that whatever the Prophecy actually was, it was going to pass sometime soon. Making their way to Sharn to participate in the festivities, they instead found themselves fighting a Mourning Haunt, a demon that had been trapped within the Mournland. Having defeated the demon while protecting a majority of the townsfolk that were gathered there,, the group turns expectantly towards Bren, wanting answers as to what has gone on. As Bren begins his explanation, Arcus began scrying, finding that whatever summoned the demon had been located in the Dura district….


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